The Journey So Far…

Thanks for joining me! As cliche as it may be, I think it is important to start off my blog with a simple bit of info about myself and what I am doing here (and what you can expect from this blog). To begin, my name is Tony. I am 26 years old and living in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a huge nerd who enjoys all things gaming, including both video game and tabletop role playing games. And most prevalent to this blog, I am a gay man who has decided to plunge towards exploring naturism/nudism.

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed being nude when I was able to be. I love being able to sleep without getting uncomfortable from my clothes twisting. I am astounded by how much more I have grown to love my body and accept my appearance from simply embracing walking around without any clothes. However, I only recently have had the full opportunity to embrace home naturism. I was never comfortable walking around in the nude around my parents when I was growing up, despite coming from a household where my father would walk around naked and my parents have both expressed enjoying being casually naked. Then I went off to school where I always had roommates that I never felt comfortable walking in the buff around. And then, like any stereotypical millennial, I moved right back home for a little bit after leaving college.

But now, I find myself back out of my parent’s house, this time in an apartment with my boyfriend of 3 years. Since we moved in together, I gradually began to walk around naked more and more often. But it wasn’t until recently, when my boyfriend left for 3 weeks to visit family that I found myself exploring what naturism/nudism is actually like and finding out that I was participating in the lifestyle without realizing it. It began simply with trying to find a nude beach in Indiana (I don’t know why I expected to find any such thing), and I suddenly found myself exploring blogs and resort websites and learning about the philosophy of being a nudist/naturist.

During this “research”, I did notice some things. Or to be more accurate, I noticed some LACK of things. Yes, I was able to find some blogs about nudism/naturism, and the ones I found were VERY well written and interesting. However, I also found that there weren’t very many blogs, and even less that were still active. And although there may be some out there that I am just not aware of, I personally was unable to find any blogs about what the experience was like for a queer nudist like myself. I know we are out there, but there were additional worries beyond what are covered on most websites of how to approach social nudism as a queer man. For example, I could find lots of opinions on what going to clubs may be for a “single man” (my partner is not yet ready for social nudism. This is the same man who wore dress pants and a polo to a drag show), and how there is a stigma because of the worry of a “single man” being a creep and clubs wanted to maintain a certain gender ratio to make everyone comfortable. But there are extra worries of how I could go to a club/resort as a “single gay man”. Instead of making the women at the club a bit uncomfortable, would I also make the men uncomfortable at the club because of illogical preconceived notions that I am there to actually ogle the men and I find them to be sexually attractive? Would that then possibly create an environment where I then was made to feel uncomfortable and not feel welcome to return?

And I guess that is where my blog will go from there. I have never participated in any sort of social nudism. I’ve never been to a nude beach or been around other people naked besides my romantic/sexual partners. So, as I journey further into the social nudist community, I hope to use this blog to detail what my experiences are like. I hope I can maybe be a resource for anyone else who finds themselves in my shoes (a sort of ironic saying for a nudist blog) and share what my personal journey is like as I begin to embrace social nudism as a queer man.

Sun setting over edge of water

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