Social Nudism Worries

Like most other people, I suffer from a decent amount of anxiety in my life. I think that although some people may worry more than others, we all experience some tiny portion of anxiety, especially when it comes to trying something new. We often can make mountains out of molehills just from not knowing what to expect in a new scenario, which is definitely where I believe I am at when it comes to approaching social nudism for the first time.

Being landlocked in the middle of the Midwest, I believe that my best option is to go visit a nudist resort for a day. There are luckily a few around Indiana, and I have found one only an hour away from me that I believe will be the one I go to. But before I go, I have done a pretty decent amount of reading on what I should expect. And I have found quite a few good resources to help me prepare.

However, even so, there are still some concerns/thoughts/worries I still have, and I thought I would take some time to list out what those concerns are and maybe someone may have advice or find comfort in knowing that we actually share some of the same concerns:


Just a warning now that there may be some stuff that is TMI, but one of my definite concerns is sweating. I am of average weight and height, but I am also a pretty hairy man, which keeps me constantly sweating. So much so that I normally wear shorts underneath my pants since I sit all day for work and have sweat through my pants before, which is definitely embarrassing. And if my solution to the problem was to add the extra layer of shorts, then it seems like I will be moving in the opposite direction by wearing no clothes!

One thing I have found comforting is that it seems like the most likely places I will go to be nude will be a resort or possibly a beach if I am traveling. From what I have read about resorts and the levels of sanitation, it seems as if people are almost more sanitary when nude. I know everyone sits on towels, showers every time before using a pool, or they socialize by doing something like playing volleyball or maybe hiking, where sweating is most likely expected. However, I think this is something I will just have to learn to deal with after trying nudism out for the first time.

Will I make other people uncomfortable?

One of my other anxieties is how others will take to me being around. Not in the sense that I have any intentions to stare at people or to be a creep or anything like that. However, I have spoken to my partner, and although I have been able to explain some things and there may be hope for him to join me at some point, I will most likely be going to these places in the beginning as a “single male”. From what I have read, some resorts are more strict about “single males” coming as it upsets a balance since I believe less naturists are women. And I know that generally a “single male” can cause people to view them as if they were there just to sort of sneak peeks or be more likely to cause trouble.

Beyond this, however, I am equally concerned how other men will feel if I came to a nudist resort as a “single GAY male”. In recent years, views on white gay men such as myself have definitely become more lax and being gay is much more accepted by society. However, I still very frequently hear straight men say things like, “I don’t have a problem if someone is gay, as long as they don’t hit on me”. Which makes me worry that in the context of social nudism, that there will be straight men who then think I am there to prey on them and to be creepy and stare at naked men. And I am worried that I will pick up on people who are uncomfortable for that reason, which will ultimately make me feel unwelcome and not have a pleasant experience just because I went to a resort as a “single gay man”.

What do I do?

This one is less of a concern, but definitely still something I consider. What exactly will I do while I am there? I am not naturally an outgoing person, so I will more than likely have troubles approaching people. I definitely know that I would love to tan and lay by the pool, but I also feel like I should take advantage of everything there is to offer.

But there also lies the problem in a sense that you “don’t know what you don’t know”. Since I have never been to a resort, I have no idea what to expect for activities. Do people walk around and ask other people for pickup games of volleyball? And in my research into resorts, I also have very rarely seen what people do for food. I most likely will only be going on a day trip (get there early in the morning and come back in the evening), so I will definitely need to eat once, if not twice during my time there. Like I said though, this may be something I am less concerned about because I may be able to just contact the resort in question and they can tell me.

Going into a new situation, especially one where you may not know anyone, is always nerve wracking. And doing so in the complete nude presents its own unique challenges and worries. However, I know that I am not the first person to ever have these worries, nor will I be the last. That in itself is comforting to know, because we all have our own anxieties, and it is important to recognize that the other people at the resort are also human. They too want to show up and have the best time possible in an environment that they feel the most comfortable. So as we think about our worries, whether it is going to a nudist resort for the first time or some other completely different social situation, it is important to remember that other people have been in your exact spot and found a way to make it work and be happy. So we can do the same thing and come out happy too.

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