About Me

If you have found yourself wondering about who the “man is behind the curtain”, you have found yourself on the right page. I am hoping to use this blog to document my thoughts on various topics and what happens to me personally on my journey into a naturist lifestyle, but I also don’t want to spend my posts talking only about me and who I am. So let me take this chance to really “expose myself” to tell you all about the gay naturist behind this blog!

I am a 27 year old software developer out of central Indiana. I was born and raised in Indiana, and have only practiced home nudism. I look forward to exploring social nudism in the near future, as I find that my self confidence has skyrocketed since I began to accept my appearance and really embraced how I look.

On top of all that, I am also an openly gay man. I live with my partner of 3 years, although I am the only one who is exploring naturism at this time. We have a 4 year old cat name Wally, based off of my favorite Flash. And we also have been raising a 1 year old puppy named Eugene.

I hope to use this blog as my chance to connect to other people, especially those in the naturist community. Trying new things can always be scary, so I hope to find others who understand what this experience is like and maybe in the meanwhile find people who share some of my experiences/worries and maybe help them along the way!

Latest Posts:

Random Thoughts: Is it Art or just a Dick Pic?

One of my favorite things about naturism is how body-positive it is. This is going to sound pretty cheesy, but not only do we learn to accept our bodies and to find ourselves beautiful, but we also learn to find the beauty in other people’s bodies in a respectful manner. We learn about acceptance and… Continue Reading →

Shared Myths Between the Nudist and Queer Communities

No two people have the same journey in life. There is always something unique that we all go through, and every person will always face their own individual struggles. It is not necessarily that one person’s struggles are harder/worse than another person’s. They are just simply different. Similarly, we all have our struggles based on… Continue Reading →

Where are the Young Nudists?

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. He had only been back a few days after having visited family, and we were going out to dinner. The previous day I had talked to him about my interest in exploring social nudism and had decided to tell him that I… Continue Reading →

Social Nudism Worries

Like most other people, I suffer from a decent amount of anxiety in my life. I think that although some people may worry more than others, we all experience some tiny portion of anxiety, especially when it comes to trying something new. We often can make mountains out of molehills just from not knowing what… Continue Reading →

The Journey So Far…

An introduction about myself and what I hope to accomplish from blogging about being a gay nudist.

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